Maximize Your Profitability With Odoo ERP

Facing business challenges? Feeling growing pains? 

Embrace your all-in-one business management software with built-in CRM, inventory management, manufacturing and marketing capabilities.

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Our Customized Solutions for Your Industry and Processes




Business & Gap Analysis

Together, we'll discuss business goals and perform a gap analysis. What inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or pain points is your business experiencing that an ERP system can alleviate? We'll determine your timeline, budget, and consider your current processes in deciding how to best meet your needs.


Development & Automation

We'll develop customized solutions to streamline each department in your business, automating processes, reducing waste, and simplifying everything in between, from customer acquisition to marketing, payroll,  production, billing, inventory and warehouse  management, fulfillment, and follow-up. 


Transition & Support

Most development firms create and code a module or software solution, and then leave it in your capable hands to painfully train your people on a whole new operating system. Dream Mountain Services, in contrast, helps coach, train, and support you and your team throughout the implementation process.

Why Odoo ERP?


All-in-One Software

Ditch the long list of poorly integrated apps in favor of error-free connectivity and cost savings.


Maximize efficiency with customized solutions specific to your industry and operating processes.


Access data from anywhere to scale your business with ease.


Use and pay for only the features you need, and as your business grows, add or remove modules.

Data Aggregation & Analysis

Your data's already in one place--no need to aggregate. Get effortless insight into every facet of your company with the click of a button.